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Academic Calendar

2 Ways to Join Ananda College of Living Wisdom

1). Full Year Hybrid Gap Year Program (details below)

2). Or, choose Al-a-Carte Classes , Fall Intensive, Spring Intensive, or Greece/Crete Trip

New Horizons Hybrid Gap Year Program

In this Hybrid New Horizons Gap Year experience, you’ll participate in two in-person intensives, several online courses, and a 14-day travel adventure in Greece and Crete.

See Tuition & Fees for full-year program costs.

Fall Term 2022

2-Week Ananda College Gap Year Intensive in Northern California

September 11 – 23, 2022

In the first in-person intensive, held at The Expanding Light Retreat at Ananda Village, you’ll meet your Gap Year instructors, your fellow Gap Year participants, get an introduction to spiritual community living, have unique in-person experiences to get you started, and then take the introductory part of each of the online courses available to you after the intensive is completed and you have returned home.

This is included in the Gap Year program, but you can also join us for Fall 2022 Intensive al-a-carte.

Rooms at The Expanding Light Retreat

Introduction to Finding Your Dharma

This fascinating course, led by Rebecca Davis, PhD, and Jenny Kellogg, PhD, offers participants a chance to find their true calling for the stage of life they are now in.  Using a variety of modalities, from positive psychology to astrology, creative writing to equine therapy, participants will get a start on the 12-week deeper exploration that begins the week after this intensive.


Introduction to The Spiritual Anatomy of Healing

Led by Kathleen Benson, Ananda College instructor. This is the introduction to the 12-week course beginning Friday, September 30, 2022.  Most humans are intimately connected to the outer world of living and are unaware of the art and science of one’s spiritual anatomy.  Drawing on the Science of Self-Realization, Quantum Physics and Quantum Healing, Energy and Healing, you’ll receive an introduction to the 12-week class, plus have special “hands-on” classes to help familiarize yourself with healing energy.

Introduction to Meditation and the Path to Kriya Yoga

This introductory course is an important component to the 10-week online course you’ll be taking. You’ll learn or review the basics of meditation, energization exercises, and pre-requisites you’ll need for Kriya Yoga initiation. There will be twice daily sessions while you are in this intensive. Instructors include Tyagi Dhyan, Brahmacharya Sagar and others.

Introduction to The Yuga Cycles of Time

Includes a special emphasis on the road ahead for our planet and society. Using cross-references of past civilizations in the descending yugas, instructor David (Byasa) Steinmetz, co-author of The Yugas, Keys to Understanding Our Hidden Past, Emerging Present and Future Enlightenment, takes us on a mind-expanding, new exploration of some of the most important challenges facing our world today.  This class is a precursor for further study in The Yuga Cycles of Time.

teacher and student

Special “Herd Spirit” Equine Experience

Designed just for Ananda College. Led by Gita Matlock, who grew up riding horses and living in spiritual community at Ananda Village. After college she worked for many years for non-profit groups that helped underserved people throughout the world.  A meditator and yoga practitioner for most of her life, she and others have developed a unique equine program that helps you uncover those blocks within yourself that keep you from becoming the best you can be.  Gita works with you and her horses right here at Ananda Village (you will never ride the horses, you will only be with them in a gentle, transformative way). Says Gita, “if we are to meet, to work together, I will show you the light I see in you. My herd and I will invite you to shine brighter, to live more free, to stand in your center of strength. Ours is a path of love, truth, and power.”

equine therapy

Introduction to Comparative Mythology of Greece, Egypt and India

with Jenny Kellogg, PhD. A companion course to “The Yuga Cycles of Time”, this course prepares participants to understand more deeply the relevance of the myths that permeate these three powerful civilizations. This introduction will also include an overview of our spiritual travel program in April/May to Greece and Crete.

Introduction to Energy Medicine, Hands-On

Taught by one of the world’s foremost experts in Polarity Therapy, Bruce Burger, author of Esoteric Anatomy, The Body as Consciousness.  This special three-day healing intensive will be held all-day, for three days in a row.  You’ll learn the body’s esoteric anatomy, how to channel healing energy, Vedic mantras, innate inner knowledge, and how to awaken higher consciousness that allows you to begin to heal yourself and others.

energy and medicine

Spiritual Living and Service to Others

This is a component that participants will take during specific times during the 2-week intensive.  We’ll join the Ananda Spiritual Community in some service projects at both the Expanding Light Retreat and within the community.  You’ll get an introduction to living in a spiritual community, that will be a precursor to the May Intensive.


Online Courses

September 26 – December 17, 2022

At home, you’ll then be able to finish the online classes you started. This way, you’ll all be together in-person to start, and then online.

These four courses are included in the Gap Year program:

If you DON’T want to participate in the full Gap Year, you can still sign up for al-a-carte  Online Courses.

Holiday Break

You’ll take a holiday break from around December 17, 2022, to around January 9, 2023.

Winter/Spring Term 2023

Online Courses

January 2 – April 14, 2023

You’ll take online classes in the Winter/Spring until April 14, 2023.

These four courses are included in the Gap Year program

If you DON’T want to participate in the full Gap Year, you can still sign up for al-a-carte  Online Courses.

14-Day Travel Abroad to Greece and Crete

meteora monastery

April 22 to May 5, 2023

After you complete your online courses, you’ll fly on your own to Athens Greece, where we’ll all meet up for our 17-day travel adventure to Greece and Crete.

Includes travel within Greece and Crete, tours, classes, meals, accommodations (does not include airfare*) Meet group in Athens, Greece. Return flight for the final intensive, Fly Athens, Greece to San Francisco/Sacramento and transfer to Ananda Village for final 2-week intensive program and graduation.

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See an example itinerary.

Then you’ll fly from Athens to SFO (San Francisco, CA), transfer to The Expanding Light Retreat in Northern California, where your final in-person intensive will be held from May 7-20, 2023.

Final 2-week Intensive at the Expanding Light Retreat, Ananda Village

May 7 – May 20, 2023

This final intensive will help prepare you for launching out into the world, offer you more helpful intensives, and the chance to experience life in a spiritual community. On the final Saturday, the last day of your New Horizons Gap Year experience, we’ll offer a graduation ceremony and a good-bye lunch.

This is included in the Gap Year program, but you can also join us for Spring 2023 Intensive al-a-carte.

Rooms at The Expanding Light Retreat

Guided Seclusion at Ananda Village

This is the ideal activity after a very outward time in our international travel. We’ll be traveling within, in a specially-guided 3-day seclusion that will help you relax deeply and rejuvenate.  During this time, participants are asked not to talk, use computers or phones for three days.  All meals are in silence, and the retreat facility tries also to be in total silence as a way of supporting our efforts.  There will be twice daily guided yoga postures and meditation to help you relax deeper. There will be time alone with God, or to take walks by yourself.  And you’ll also have the opportunity to spend time in some of Ananda Village’s special seclusion temples. After your three-day seclusion, life will seem much different.  A guided spiritual seclusion can be a rewarding and transforming experience you’ll always remember.

The Arts & Consciousness

How does music affect your soul? Is there really such a thing as Art that uplifts and inspires? Can drama and dance be vehicles for deeper spiritual awareness and world peace? In these unique classes taught by members of the Ananda Community who have been involved with Art & Consciousness for many years, you’ll get an introduction to “Music for Emotional Healing”; “Spiritual Chanting & Harmonium Workshop”, “The Artist as a Channel for Higher Awareness”, and “Dance & Drama that Delivers a Powerful Message for Peace”. 


Spiritual Community Living

In this experience you’ll learn how the Ananda Village Community, a successful spiritual community for over 50 years, continues to grow and prosper, using the motto of its founder, Swami Kriyananda, “people are more important than things”.  You’ll get a chance to visit some of the community-run businesses, have tea with residents in their homes, serve in the Ananda Farm CSA, Masters Market or The Yogoata Goat Dairy.  We’ll have presentations by the Village Council, long-time members, and teachers who have served in the Ananda “Education for Life” Schools (pre-school through college gap year) for several decades.  You’ll also get to meet some of the builders and designers who have been part of creating the Ananda Spiritual Community.


Sharing Nature Worldwide

This special program is presented by Sundara Traymar, of Sharing Nature Worldwide, an organization that is headquartered at Ananda Village. You’ll have classes on leadership for today’s world, plus learn special nature awareness games that promote leadership and cooperative learning that leaders and teachers throughout the world utilize. The best-selling book “Sharing Nature with Children” was written by Joseph Cornell, founder of Sharing Nature Worldwide, a longtime resident of Ananda Village.

Strengthening Your Meditation Practice 

How do you keep your daily meditation practice inspiring while still learning new tips for meditation? This 2-day course will help get you back on track with your meditation practice, and help you plan a course of action once you leave this intensive.  Topics include, improving your Energization Exercises, Hong-Sau technique, AUM technique, and Questions and Answers about your meditation practice, or How to Prepare for Kriya Initiation.  If you have already had Kriya Initiation through Ananda, there will be time for private consultation with one of our qualified instructors. 

Leadership Initiative Training

Some of the most helpful things you’ll learn if you plan to someday have your own business, lead others in an organization, or even interact with others, is to understand the keys to successful leadership. This two-day course explores “The Art of Supportive Leadership” and modalities that will help you become an effective leaders in the world today.


May 21, 2023

Next Steps Before Graduation

For those who have participated fully in New Horizons Gap Year Program, and will be receiving a Certificate of Completion, on Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m., May 20, 2023, New Horizons Gap Year will be hosting a morning graduation ceremony held at a special place at the Ananda Village spiritual community that will allow the community’s residents and your friends and family to attend.  This isn’t a typical graduation.  Ananda College of Living Wisdom follows in the tradition of all Ananda “Education for Life” schools by having a ceremony that honors the highest qualities in each graduating individual.  Each participant is invited to make a short 3-5-minute speech, and college faculty and staff will offer each student their certificate, plus a unique award for each participant.  Afterwards is a time for your celebratory lunch and goodbyes. For those graduating, please plan for your departures to happen after 2:00 pm, to allow for lunch and goodbyes.

Go with love, may joyful blessings, speed you safely on your way, may God’s light expand within you, may we be one in that light someday. 

Al-a-Carte Classes, Intensives & Trips

You pick from any of the classes, intensives, and trips (details above).

  • Pay-as-you-go
  • For ages 16 to Adult Learners
  • No certificate offered
  • All ages welcome

2 Week Intensives at The Expanding Light Retreat

Online Courses

14-Day Travel Abroad to Greece and Crete

*academic calendar dates are approximate and subject to change.


We are available to Skype or Zoom with you for questions you may have.


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