Comparative Mythology of Greece, Egypt & India – Winter 2022

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Dates: Every Wednesday, from January 12 to March 30, 2022
Times: From 4:00-5:30 pm, PDT
Cost: $550

Instructor Jenny Kellogg, PhD

This course will give you a deeper perspective on the consciousness of these three powerful and influential civilizations.  Around 500 BC Greece was considered the center of the world. Greek culture was the basis for many aspects of contemporary Western society, like the written word, education, and the Arts. Many of us are familiar with the stories of Greek mythology– superhuman heroes, vengeful gods, and frustrated goddesses. In this class we’ll offer new perspective on these old stories by looking at them in terms of their spiritual consciousness and by comparing them to Egyptian and Indian myths, through the lens of the Yuga Cycles of Time.

Egypt was a powerful kingdom for thousands of years. Today, it is perhaps the only place on planet Earth where we can walk through actual buildings and temples that existed 5 to 10 thousand years ago. In their temples and hieroglyphs the Egyptians left us evidence of their spirituality, their Gods, rituals and beliefs.  

India has often been called the Guru of our planet.  Today, there are countless holy people and yogis who talk of the “myths” from the Higher Ages of India when Gods with miraculous powers were the status quo.  Were these just myths, or did they exist during a time unbeknownst to us now?  

Together we’ll explore whether these three civilizations actually descend from a time on earth when Gods did have superpowers. There’s a contemporary belief that we have made a long, slow evolution from primates with low consciousness into the intelligent humans we are today.

But what if things on our planet were much different than we could ever imagine them to be?

What we’ll do in this class is show that all three of these civilizations, Greece, Egypt, and India, have left us tantalizing evidence as to why their cultures existed, and how and why they evolved from a higher age of powerful beings and gradually descended into lower, or darker ages.  

We’ll do this through comparing myths and images that have been passed down through oral traditions, texts, rituals, and archeological discoveries and by learning about the Yugas, a model for how consciousness rises and falls in cycles through time. We’ll hear from guest speakers who have devoted much of their lives to helping us understand myths and what has gone before us.  

Together, we’ll uncover clues that point to where we may be headed as a planet.

This course is the perfect complement for Ananda College’s upcoming trip to Greece and Crete. I hope you’ll join me in this fascinating 12-week course and I look forward to being with you.