The Spiritual Anatomy of Healing – Fall 2022

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Dates: Fridays, September 30, to December 16, 2022
Number of weeks: 12
Day/time of the week: Friday, 4.00-5.30 pm
Cost: $400

Instructor: Kathleen Benson & guest speakers

This 12-week online course will focus on the spiritual anatomy of healing, as Jesus Christ taught, The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You. Most humans are intimately connected to the outer world of living and are unaware of the art and science of one’s spiritual anatomy. As one delves inwardly, every person can access their inner heavens which offers continuous communion with all pervading love and joy, even in the midst of challengingly times. In congruence with a student’s introduction to Dwapara Yuga and Kriya Yoga (The Age of Energy and the Science of Self Realization) participants will learn about Quantum Healing and how to pull oneself out of living in the outer world and live in unison inwardly with one’s true nature. We will learn from the teachings of the Great Masters and modern-day mystics who walk in harmony with the Great Ones. You will meet and learn from great souls with spiritual gifts to help humanity put itself on the spiritual highway vs. the material merry-go-round. Each participant will be asked to complete a short project on an aspect of Spiritual Anatomy that is meaningful to them. You’ll learn:

  • The Art & Science of Dwapara Healing (Overview of Philosophy and Spiritual Anatomy
  • Introduction to the Akashi Records and Healing
  • Emotions, Thoughts & Habits: How Your Stress Response System Influences Disease
  • The Chakras: Healing Power Houses
  • Quantum Healing—An Introduction to the Field
  • Dwapara & Vibrational Healing Techniques
  • Blessing of the Energy Centers
  • Somatic Healing Techniques 
  • Quantum Physics and Healing
  • Yoga, Mantras & Healing 
  • Energy Medicine
  • Healing Prayers & Affirmations