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Yugas Discussion

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Recording of discussion of February 13, 2024

Recording of discussion on January 9, 2024

Chat and Notes from Jan 9 2024

The video of Boris Fritz’s CPAK presentation:

11:18:43 From leonore : Did anyone read Nayaswami Savitri’s book?
11:19:07 From Bhakti : I have read it, but some time ago now.
11:22:36 From Bhakti : Through Many Lives, by Nayaswami Savitri Simpson.
11:53:53 From Bhakti : Paul Wallis (YT The 5th Kind), Mauro Biglino (YT Mauro Biglino) Both have extensive material on their YT channels, and books.
11:56:36 From leonore : What means “YT” please?
11:56:49 From Robin Lysne : You Tube
11:57:11 From Bhakti : Reacted to “You Tube” with 👍
11:57:18 From leonore : Thanks!
11:57:31 From Bhakti : Reacted to “Thanks!” with 🙂
11:58:13 From leonore : I always related to the Spiral as symbol for (our) evolution.
11:58:16 From Bhakti : There is also the Ananda South Bay recordings of Boris, available on YT
12:00:14 From Bhakti :
12:02:26 From leonore : Humanity’s Team is one platform where presenters are quite familiar with the presence of the Yugas.,
12:02:28 From Robin Lysne : Reacted to “….” with 👍🏼
12:04:41 From leonore : In his presentation , He mentions “CONTACT”, extra terrestrials.. THAT topic is from t and center.
12:05:31 From leonore : Check out the YouTube talk by Dr. Stephen Greer. GE does not mention the Yugas, but recognizes spirituality and science merging. I will look for the link to his talk now.
12:07:41 From Bhakti : A taster video of Mauro Biglino chatting with Graham Hancock.

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