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gap year student meditating by lake



Why do a Gap Year program?

For many taking a year off from school or work to take advantage of opportunities to travel,  explore personal interests and passions through a framework for inner exploration and outer adventure is a year not to be missed.

Individuals may also find it beneficial to have a dedicated period of time to develop skills – professional, personal and academic.  Participants are likely to emerge from their gap year experiences with a clearer sense of purpose and direction to pursue the next phase of their lives.

What makes New Horizon’s Gap Year program different from other programs

New Horizons Gap Year is not like any other program in the country. Participants are based in a largely sustainable intentional community dedicated to personal growth and higher consciousness.  During the very first semester students travel regionally, take college level courses and work and live cooperatively with other like-minded students.  The second semester is dedicated to international travel, leadership development, and continued studies.

Considering the costs, what benefit would students receive in doing a program like New Horizons?

Participants will gain skills and experiences that will have a significant and lasting impact on their lives.  Finding a sense of purpose and/or direction in life is difficult to put a price tag on.


How important is the essay and recommendation letters in your application process?

The essay requirement is a very helpful component of the application process in determining whether or not a candidate is a good fit for our program.  We are looking for participants that are mature, interested, and passionate about the world around them.  We want participants who will bring the best of who they are to the program.  We contact all references to get a better sense of applicants, their life experiences and how they interface with others.


Are there any safety concerns while students are abroad in India?

With any travel abroad program, the safety of participants is always foremost.  We take every precaution to protect the health and welfare of participants.  Our program guides are experienced and have more than 20 years of experience facilitating programs in India and elsewhere.  Further, we have an extensive network of intentional communities throughout India and Europe who provide additional support and resources to us for general travel and during emergencies.

Will students need to have a passport?

Gap Year program participants will need to have a valid passport in their possession by the time they arrive at the campus in August. This is generally five (5) months in advance of their international travel departure.

Can students just do the travel abroad trip to India?

The travel abroad program is not a stand alone program so it is not possible to take this segment of the program exclusively.  The Gap Year program is a comprehensive year-long program that involves students spending time on the campus of Ananda College, living cooperatively, completing units of study, independent projects, and participating in other components of the program.


Will the classes that students take at Ananda College be transferrable to another college at the end of the gap year experience?

Ananda College is not an accredited educational institution.  Subsequently, we cannot accept or transfer credits from other schools.  Students will have to confer with their own institutions to determine what credit they may be able to receive for their coursework.  Some schools may give students elective credits for experiential learning and leadership programs. Syllabi and course outlines are available for review as well as curriculum and assessment materials.


Are there any scholarships or financial aid offered to students to participate in the New Horizons Gap year program?

Periodically we may be able to provide tuition support through scholarships or other means.  Please see Admissions for more information on costs.

When does the New Horizon’s Gap Year program begin and when does it end?

The New Horizon’s Gap  Year program begins on September 1, 2021 and continues to May 2022. Please see Gap Year Calendar.

What’s included in the tuition?

You’ll find a complete list of what’s included, what’s not included, and what to bring on our Admissions page.