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New Horizons Gap Year

For learners ages 16-99
Discover your Self, your passions, and the world…..

Join us for the entire year!

In this Hybrid New Horizons Gap Year experience, you’ll participate in two in-person intensives, several online courses, and a 17-day travel adventure in Greece and Crete. In the first in-person intensive September 11-24, 2022, held at The Expanding Light Retreat at Ananda Village, you’ll meet your Gap Year instructors, your fellow Gap Year participants, get an introduction to spiritual community living, have unique in-person experiences to get you started, and then take the introductory part of each of the online courses available to you after the intensive is completed and you have returned home. A natural outcome of your Fall Retreat is the bonus of continuing to meet online with your fellow participants in eight classes throughout the year. At home, you’ll then be able to finish the online classes you started. This way, you’ll all be together in-person to start, and then online. You’ll take a holiday break from around December 17, 2022 to around January 9, 2023.

Then, you’ll take online classes again until April, 2023. After this, you’ll fly on your own to Athens Greece, where we’ll all meet up for our 17-day travel adventure that starts April 20 to May 6, 2023. After your Greece and Crete trip ends on May 6, you’ll fly from Athens to SFO (San Francisco, CA), transfer to The Expanding Light Retreat in Northern California, where your final in-person intensive will be held from May 7-20, 2023. These final intensives will help prepare you for launching out into the world, offer you more helpful intensives, and the chance to experience life in a spiritual community. On the final Saturday, the last day of your New Horizons Gap Year experience, we’ll offer a graduation ceremony and a good-bye lunch.

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2 Week Intensives at The Expanding Light Retreat

Online Courses

17-Day Travel Abroad to Greece and Crete

*academic calendar dates are approximate and subject to change.

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autobiography of a yogi

All participants learn a deeper meditation technique called the path to Kriya Yoga, the ancient science of the Rishis, which was brought to the west by the great yogi, Paramhansa Yogananda, whose groundbreaking book, “Autobiography of a Yogi” chronicled the many miracles of the hidden saints of India.

Many of our programs are based on “The Yuga Cycles of Time”, the 24,000 year Vedic Calendar that is comprised of four descending and ascending “Yugas” that repeat themselves throughout time itself. Viewed through the lens of The Yuga Cycles, life here on earth makes more sense, and we can compassionately address history, our present circumstances and the future of our planet.

You’ll have the chance to experience life in a spiritual community that’s been in existence for over 50 years. You’ll have the chance to travel internationally with like-minded friends to experience other cultures and their spirituality. And you’ll receive academic and leadership training that will help you on your journey.


We are available to Skype or Zoom with you for questions you may have.


Namdevi Nagahara, Administrator

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Nayaswami Nischala, Director

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