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New Horizons Gap Year

Higher Education for Higher Consciousness

  • Explore world cultures and consciousness
  • Live adjacent to the Ananda Village spiritual cooperative community in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California
  • Develop career-ready skills to actualize your work in the world
  • Investigate academic theory through real life experiences for personal transformation
  • Discover holistic psychology and natural healing techniques
  • Participate in biodynamic gardening, forest sustainability, traditional and natural building skills
  • Express and explore creativity through diverse inspirational arts
  • Immerse yourself daily in yoga, meditation and spiritual practice
  • Obtain inner Self-Growth and tools for finding happiness
  • Engage in leadership initiatives that aid in all future endeavors
  • Journey throughout California, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Southwest and Northern India
  • Students receive a Certificate of Completion after completing an academic portfolio from the nine-month New Horizons Gap Year Residency and Travel Program

Designed to encourage self-discovery and inner growth

The New Horizons Gap Year Program is especially designed to encourage self-discovery and inner growth. Classes in Positive Psychology, Yoga and Meditation, World Cultures and Consciousness are a few of the courses that help students explore their goals, motivations, and talents.

The New Horizons Gap Year emphasizes learning that will last a lifetime. Core classes encourage students to be original thinkers with an appreciation for the world of ideas, inquiry, and creative solutions.

Our philosophy of Higher Education for Higher Consciousness emphasizes personal development, self discipline, concentration, focus and compassion. The goals of education should help people on every level – heart, mind, body and spirit to acquire and live a harmonious, fulfilling and happy life.

While eternal principles lie at the core of our educational philosophy, we do not provide religious instruction in the parochial sense. The focus here is in developing universal qualities and values that are evident in all world religions – inner peace, love, wisdom, and joy. Students of many faiths and ethnic backgrounds often find their own faiths deepened and strengthened from their experiences in this community and our programs.

The Ananda College New Horizons Gap Year is a 9-month low-residency program that operates from September to May. Based on “Higher Education for Higher Consciousness” the program offers a spiritual gap year that features a hybrid of in-person classes, online classes, and international travel. Our programs focus and feature interactive and dynamic learning environments and supportive and engaged educators and staff. We have been working with young people and educational environments since 2002 when we opened the doors of Ananda College. We have grown and evolved over the years but have never lost sight of our mission and commitment to Higher Education for Higher Consciousness.

The Ananda College Gap Year Program provides a framework for inner exploration and outer adventure while also renewing students’ thirst for learning through a fresh, inspiring approach to education. Students gain practical experience through hands-on projects and strengthen the academic skills needed for college success. So many of our alumni report that they graduated with a stronger sense of purpose and clarity to move into the next phases of their lives.