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Building Your Course in LearnDash

Managing Users/Students

Miscellaneous WordPress

Steps to Add a New Course

Instructor sends this to Nischala:

See this page for an example of what’s needed: https://anandacollege.org/online-courses/

  • Course Description (50-100 words)
  • Type of Course: Asynchronous (Pre-Recorded) or In-Person (Zoom)
  • Dates/Times of Course (if asynchronous, give us the release date).
  • Basic course outline so web designers know how many lessons to set up
  • Video Intro/Trailer for Course (Carol will add open/closing slides and upload to Vimeo)
  • Instructor bio (50-100 words)
  • Headshot

For new instructors, Nischala will set up:

  • An @anadacollege.org email account (see instructions below)
  • A WordPress admin user account for the website
  • Send the Vimeo account login

Carol & Dave will set up the course structure, and add it to the Courses page:

  • Set up the course structure in LearnDash
  • Set the release date
  • Set the price
  • Create the video intro/trailer and embed on the courses page
  • List the course on the courses page
  • Set up instructor bio and link to it from the courses page

The instructor will add content to their lesson pages:

  • See “Building your course in LearnDash” tutorial videos above
  • All course videos will get uploaded to Ananda’s Vimeo account. Please create a folder to organize your course videos (see Byasa’s example)

As people sign up, Nischala will send instructors their class email lists

  • Nischala will forward all website signup confirmations to each instructor.
  • Instructors should start an email list of their students, and email them a welcome letter. Please send from your @anandacollege.org email address.

Course & Video Graphics

Customer Support

If you have students who need help accessing their course, send them the link to this page: https://anandacollege.org/help/

If there is a question you can’t answer internally, email Carol/Dave. Don’t copy the student on these emails. Get the answer from Carol/Dave and then have someone from @anandacollege.org respond to the student.


Instructors should know how to add free (or paid-by-check) students to their courses. If the student has never taken a course from you, they’ll need to set up (register) an account first. If you offer someone a scholarship you can send them an email with the following…

(copy the instructor, and no need to copy Carol/Dave)

Dear [ student name ],

We are happy to offer you a scholarship for [ course name ]. 

If you’ve never taken one of our courses, you’ll need to create an account with us first. Please Register Here.

Once that’s done, let your instructor know so they can add you to the course.


Email Account Setup

Nischala will log in to Pair.com and set up the instructor’s email account using the password provided by the instructor.

Hostname: anandacollege.mail.pairserver.com
Username: [full email address]
Password: [mailbox password]
SSL: On (IMAP Port 993, POP Port 995)

Hostname: anandacollege.mail.pairserver.com
Username: [full email address]
Password: [mailbox password]
SSL: On (Port 465 or 587)

And, here is a link from the Pair.com website with instructions on setting up your email account: https://www.pair.com/support/kb/categories/client-setup/

Roles & Responsibilities

Carol & Dave

  • Set up the initial course structure in LearnDash.
  • Add the intro/closing slides to video trailer & upload to Vimeo
  • Create training videos and content for FAQ/Support page
  • Support for Nischala & instructors (but not students directly)


  • Forward the instructors a confirmation for each person that signed up.
  • Keep track of accounting, Stripe, payments to instructors, etc.
  • Issue refunds through Stripe.
  • Add scholarship recipients to the course list.
  • Set up email accounts for new instructors


Once the course structure has been set up instructors will:

  • Add content to each lesson
  • Upload any videos to the Ananda Vimeo account and embed videos in lesson pages.
  • Paste in the Zoom link for each class (or email it to students in advance)
  • Email your students with a welcome email and information about the course from your @anandacollege.org email account