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Application Deadline

The New Horizons Gap Year offers a rolling admissions policy, however, space is limited to create a small community learning experience. Applications accepted and approved earlier are given priority. Apply now to reserve your space.

Deposit Policy

An $850 deposit is required to hold your space in the New Horizons Gap Year Program. There is no guarantee of a space in our program until a deposit is paid. This deposit payment includes a $200 non-refundable application processing fee. $650 of the deposit is refundable within 20 days of payment or until the participant is accepted to the New Horizons Gap Year Program, whichever comes first. Please read Terms & Conditions


  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age by January 1, 2021.
  • Participants must provide a valid passport for international travel by August  16, 2021.
  • Students accepted into Ananda College’s New Horizons Gap Year Program are automatically accepted into Ananda College’s other certificate programs and have priority status for continuation into a degree program.


Please complete the Gap Year Application below before submitting the Scholarship Application.

Apply Now

1. Apply for admission to the New Horizon Gap Year program through the online portal or download the Application as a PDF or Word Document and submit as an attachment.

2. Submit a 3-4 page (12 pt. font, dbl space) personal essay in response to the following questions:

  • Reflecting on your life, what have been the most meaningful experiences you have had and how have they changed you?
  • Students who participate in the New Horizons Gap Year program make a commitment to live spiritually healthy during their tenure in the program.  If accepted, are you willing to commit to a substance-free lifestyle?  What are your thoughts about this?
  • What are your objectives for participating in the New Horizons Gap Year program? What interests you the most about the features of this program – i.e., cooperative communities, sustainable living, travel abroad, etc. How do you hope to apply your experiences?

3. Provide (3) three letters of recommendation from people in your life (outside of family) who can speak to your character, activities, and interpersonal skills.  These letters can be from teachers, counselors, employers, mentors, or others who have interfaced with you in your community.  Please submit the letters along with your online application or have them emailed separately by the individual(s) providing the recommendation. Please send to

Please note that the New Horizons Gap Year application process may take at least two hours or longer for you to complete from start to finish with all the necessary data you need to provide.  Please review the questions first and gather the information you need to complete the application before starting.

Please feel free to contact regarding any questions you may have about the application, forms, or the enrollment process. Please also visit FAQ to see what others are asking. Thank you!