Course Policies

Cancellation Policy

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What time zone are your courses scheduled in?

Courses are in the Pacific Time Zone. Please be aware of seasonal time changes, and when in doubt, ask either your instructor or the college administration ahead of your scheduled class.

What time should I sign in to my course?

We recommend that you login to the course at least 2 days before the first class to make sure you have access to the material and can find the video conference link. Need help

What if I have technology issues and can’t connect?

Please do a speed test of your internet connection BEFORE  signing up to make sure it’s fast enough for video conferencing. A reminder–other people in your home or office who are downloading files, watching videos or using the internet could affect your internet connection and class. We don’t offer refunds or credits for technology issues outside our control.

Do you offer make-ups?

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Please communicate with your instructor if you will miss a class so they can figure out how to help you.

Will I be allowed in the Zoom session if I’m late?

It is up to the instructor when they want to connect you, either immediately or waiting until a group activity already-in-progress has finished.

Can I miss a course or two?

If your absences and lack of knowledge of the course material affect the progress of the course, you may be dropped. Please talk to your instructor if you have any schedule conflicts. Sorry, no refunds or credits given.

What if my instructor has to miss a class?

If your current instructor is unavailable to facilitate class (due to sickness or a last-minute emergency), the class will either be taught by a substitute instructor or rescheduled after conferring with all participants.

I have a disability and need special accommodations.

No problem! Please contact the instructor a few weeks before your class starts so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

Course Étiquette

Be on time.

We value your participation in each class, and suggest that students actively participate in each class. 

We strongly discourage talking on the phone during class or to a person outside of the class, so as not to disrupt the online class experience.