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The Binary Research Institute has been studying the cause and consequences of solar system motion for over 20 years. We produce papers on the subject, podcasts, books, documentaries, and hold conferences to discuss and disseminate our findings. One of the main findings is the strong causality between our solar system’s motion through space, likely around another nearby star, and the rise and fall of the ages .a.k.a. the Yugas. We recognize Ananda College as a leader in bravely teaching the subject of the Yugas at Ananda College, through its online learning programs, and exploring the evidence for ancient and higher age cultures through its many tours around the world.

After many years of working informally with Ananda College the Binary Research Institute is honored to be “officially” associated with Ananda College.

Conference on Precession & Ancient Knowledge (CPAK) 2024

Held at Ananda Village
October 18-19, 2024
Early Bird Price Expires May 31, 2024

Come and learn about the latest ancient civilization discoveries, the evidence of a long-lost higher age, the cataclysm(s) that may have erased it, and the natural forces that may be bringing us back to higher consciousness.

cpak 2024

“CPAK is my favorite conference for learning about the ancients and higher consciousness.”  C.S., Dubai, UAE