Communication for Higher Consciousness – Winter 2023

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(This course will occur again in the fall of 2023. Please contact for questions)

Number of weeks: 11 weeks
Day/time of the week:  Tuesdays, 4.00-5.30 pm (PST)
Cost: $550

Instructor: Nalini Chaska, Rebecca Davis PhD

Do you hold back from fully expressing yourself in order to keep the peace? 
Or push people away with your harsh words?
Do you feel stuck in conflict or misunderstanding with others?
Are your relationships feeling dull, distant or dissatisfying?

This course is for you if you would like to:

  • Bring authentic honesty into your relationships in a way that also increases connection
  • Stand up for your needs with gentle firmness and grace
  • Discover how to easily resolve conflicts and meet in understanding 
  • Become a better listener
  • Be more present with yourself and others
  • Deepen self-connection and emotional awareness
  • Clearly hear the essence of what others say, regardless of how they express it
  • Transform relationships using the power of empathy

It is proven that having satisfying relationships is a key factor in our happiness and overall well-being. And the way we communicate is a critical component in determining the quality of those relationships. This experiential course is designed to facilitate a deep shift in consciousness that transforms the way you think, communicate and relate with others. Heartful Communication, based on Nonviolent Communication, increases authentic connection with yourself and others through integrating full honesty with heartfelt care. The course is led by Nalini Snell, a professional conflict resolution mediator and communication instructor and assisted by Rebecca Davis, PhD, a seasoned college writing instructor. Nalini is passionate about helping others deepen their connection with themselves, others and with life itself. In this course, you’ll come away with an ability to communicate more authentically, even in the most challenging situations. Ideal for anyone who wants to express themselves more fully, enhance their relationships and lead a more fulfilling life.