Dr. Bryan Coleman Salgado, DPT, MS

Dr. Bryan Coleman Salgado, DPT, MS is a member of the Ananda University Advisory Board.  He is a physical therapist, educator and a yoga practitioner for nearly 40 years.  As a young adult, his yoga practice led him to the physical therapy profession.  He is an Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Education in the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program at CSU Sacramento.  As a physical therapist of 23 years, he has eleven years of full-time clinical practice specializing in rehabilitation of neurologically impaired persons, and in wound management.  He has been full-time in graduate level higher education for twelve years, and serves as a doctoral thesis advisor, and the Chair of admissions in the DPT program.  He has published research on the effects of yoga on persons with chronic neurologic diseases.  Yoga asanas, Kriya Yoga meditation and Ayurvedic lifestyle practices are an integral part of his life.  Dr. Coleman Salgado has degrees from Stanford, Duke and the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions.  He lives in a yoga community with his wife and daughter in California.