Dr. Uma Krishnamurthy

Dr. Uma Krishnamurthy has been exposed to spiritual teachers and yoga philosophy from early childhood. She is a psychiatrist by training from India with many years of experience in the field of healing, yoga psychology, and transformation of emotions that are currently her main areas of interest and research. She is the author of an upcoming book on Yoga Psychology.  Dr. Krishnamurthy has been traveling worldwide for the past ten years leading workshops and spiritual retreats on yoga psychology and yoga therapy. She teaches and conducts workshops in Brazil, Hawaii, England, France and Germany, at the Yoga Biomedical Trust in London, at Sivananda Yoga and Vedanta Centers worldwide, at Krotona Theosophical Society, Ojai, California, and with the Ananda University in Northern California.  Dr. Krishnamurthy has also received formal training in classical Indian dance (Bharatanyam tradition). Her research on the similarities of yoga and classical Indian dance has received much acclaim. Possessed of great intelligence, creativity and presence, she is much loved by those who attend her programs.  The ancient science of Yoga Psychology, with its connection to Western psychology and its use in understanding the workings of the mind to overcome negative emotions is considered the therapeutic application of yoga for mental health.   The insights from this practice offer an opportunity to develop a deeper inner awareness and explore the depths of consciousness. Uma Krishnamurthy illustrates the principles of yoga psychology and transformation through her counseling sessions and in her experiential classes with yoga, mantra, mudras, and ancient classical Indian dance.  With relevant psychological input from yoga psychology and transformational practices, one comes in contact with an inner spiritual experience, beyond language and thought.   She is on the faculty of Ananda University.