Recording: Shakespeare’s Secret Scripture, November 4 2017

In Shakespeare’s Secret Scripture, Alan Green takes us on an utterly fascinating, fast-paced journey from Rosicrucian/Freemasonic codes hidden in Shakespeare’s Monument and Gravestone — to sacred geometry and mathematical constants embedded in the title page of Shakespeare’s Sonnets — to the Bard’s ultimate spiritual message of Unity, echoing the design of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Alan Green is a British-born pianist, composer, author, educator, and Shakespeare scholar. His former life in the music business (top thirty Billboard artist in the 80’s with Arista and CBS records; author of award-winning books on The Monkees; musical director for Davy Jones) seems at odds with his current incarnation as a documentarian of ancient wisdom. But he insists his extensive musical training in both classical and jazz disciplines has ideally prepared him to recognize deeply embedded patterns that orthodox academics have missed.

His odyssey began 12 years ago when a friend introduced him to the Shakespeare Authorship mystery. Convinced there were genuine reasons to doubt the official attribution of the untraveled, uneducated Stratford man, Green spent the next two years of intense research crafting his findings into a stage musical entitled Bard. As his research and intuition for the subject deepened however, he discovered dozens of Freemasonic codes embedded in Shakespeare’s monument and gravestone. It was clear the story had all the secret society ramifications and political intrigue of a Dan Brown novel—with one important difference. These codes were real. In fact they’d been specifically laid out geometrically so as to prove their authenticity by revealing a stunningly accurate web of twelve of the world’s most significant mathematical constants. Most astoundingly of all, they gave the precise geographic co-ordinates of the Great Pyramid, along with instructions for decoding the exact same web of constants within its basic proportions.

His groundbreaking book, Dee-Coding Shakespeare, details the first half of his 12-year journey, documenting the critical role the Renaissance mathematician/cryptographer Dr. John Dee played in the greatest literary cover-up of all time. Professor Michael Delahoyde of Washington State University proclaims it, “The best, most exciting breakthrough I’ve seen in all my years as a Shakespeare scholar.“ The forthcoming sequel, BARDCODE: The Missing ‘i’,  is the second shoe dropping. It presents not only previously unknown proof of the twelve constants the Bard predicted, but unveils a unification of the world’s leading measurement systems elegantly encoded into the pyramid’s design. This mathematically pure Universal Constant of Measure shifts two paradigms…with one stone.