Recording: Dwarka–Atlantis of the East, Amish Shah, 7 October 2017

Amish’s current project includes exploring Dwarka, India, where he recently returned from a subsequent field expedition with Josh Gates of the Travel Channel’s renowned television series Expedition Unknown. His calling and purpose there? To uncover evidence of ancient technology beneath the Arabian Sea…and to rewrite history. His documentary, Dwarka: Atlantis of the East depicts his first journey to Dwarka and has gone viral in over 150 countries. Could this submerged city could quite possibly be the oldest civilization known to man?

Amish has had a lifelong interest in ancient cities and the secrets they hold for as long as he can remember. What started as a young boy’s curiosity, led to a man’s mission. As the Founder of the Ancient Explorers movement, Amish leads a group of avid archaeology, history and ancient technology enthusiasts. He and his team are committed to finding the hidden truths in the most mysterious ruins and ancient cities and to share their findings with the world.

Early in his career, Amish founded and sold several successful online advertising marketing and technology companies, making him one of the youngest success stories in his industry. Today, Amish uses the skills he learned along the way to bring a greater awareness of ancient civilizations and lost knowledge to a wider population through Ancient Explorers which also curates and sells products that aid fellow explorers around the globe…and in essence, following his truest passion. He has even started a non-profit organization with his wife called SEEF, Shah Education and Exploration Foundation, to aid in his quest to help seek and preserve these
ancient locations.

He often wonders, what secrets of our past are buried in these places? And what can they tell us about our future? He invites the world to answer these questions with him and join the tribe of exploration. To learn more, visit and