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Student Life

Participants will have a rare opportunity to live a spacious life and develop an ever-widening sense of self.  Surrounded by supportive and uplifting instructors and community, both online and in-person, they will be encouraged to breathe more deeply and ponder more expansively.

Spiritual Practice

Participants will explore ancient wisdom traditions and contemporary philosophies of consciousness that help establish a daily routine of spiritual practice (sadhana). In doing so, they will develop more focus, inner peace, intuition and lasting success and happiness, learning to regularly employ practical approaches to actualizing their work in the world. 


Students will investigate all facets of the universal human endeavor through immersion-based study and applications of concepts found in field of Health and Wellness, World Cultures and Consciousness, Small Community Living, Inspirational Arts, Conscious Leadership, and Nature Studies.

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Structured travel experiences at our campus in California and in countries like Greece, Italy and India, allow us to expand our realities of other spiritual cultures, deepen our understanding of “The Yuga Cycles of Time”, and bring us together as a “traveling pilgrimage”.  Opportunities to practice harmonious community living arise daily, and the fun and adventure of traveling together, meditating and offering prayers in sacred sites, and seeing the world through the lens of the yuga cycles offers experiences that will help us for the journey ahead.  *Note: Travel Insurance is required for all our trips, as well as a current passport.  Due to Covid, there may be additional restrictions from the country you are traveling from or to.  Please check our spiritual travel portal or check with us at admissions@anandacollege.org should you have questions or concerns.

Meals & Service

While on campus at Ananda College, meals consist of well-balanced and nutritious vegetarian cuisine. When possible and reasonable, local ingredients will be incorporated. As part of service opportunities, participants may help with kitchen clean-up and food preparation while on our campus.  When we are traveling abroad, we may be staying in hotels or using cafes that offer a variety of food choices. 


Ultimately, through intentional daily living practices and unique transformative experiences, students will become what they study—cooperative community members; alternative healers; sustainable builders, creative writers, world travelers, naturalists, compassionate leaders, meditators, innovative business owners, and spiritually realized adult learners.