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Online Courses

Cancellation Policy

After First Class – course credit (good for one year) minus the $50 administrative fee

No Show – no refunds or credits

Course Policies

We don’t offer makeups.

We don’t offer refunds or credits for technology issues outside our control.

You may not be allowed in a Zoom session if you are late.

It is up to the instructor when they want to connect you, either immediately or waiting until a group activity already-in-progress has finished.

You maybe be dropped if you have excessive absences. No refunds or credits given.

If you are the only person in the course, the program will be converted to a private program, and the duration of the course will be reduced according to the instructor’s adjustment of the content of the course.

We do not collect to share any of your personal information.  Ananda College of Living Wisdom is a non-profit educational organization registered with the State of California, 14618 Tyler Foote Road, #177, Nevada City, CA 95959 USA.  

Ananda College Travel & Pilgrimages

Terms & Conditions

We are accepting Pilgrimage Registrations and a $1,000 deposit is required in order to reserve your place on our pilgrimage trips.  We incur transportation fees, hotel fees, and other provider fees when booking for our pilgrimage group.

Greece & Crete, 2025 Pilgrimage: For cancellations received on or before November 5, 2024, we will refund 80% of your total trip cost, minus the $1,000 deposit.  For cancellations received after November 5, 2024, all registration fees are non-refundable.

Egypt, 2025 Pilgrimage: For cancellations received before November 25, 2024, we will refund 80% of your total trip cost, minus the $1,000 deposit.  For cancellations received after November 25, 2024, all registration fees are non-refundable.

Italy, 2024 Pilgrimage: For cancellations received before March 9, 2024, we will refund 80% of your total trip cost, minus the $1,000 deposit.  For cancellations received after March 9, 2024, all registration and costs are non-refundable Last-minute Italy guests will need to make a full payment by May 18, 2024 to reserve their place. 

For all our pilgrimages, if you qualify for a refund, we can apply $1,000 of your refund to our next pilgrimage or another future trip with Ananda College Pilgrimages.

Liability Waiver

I understand that the pilgrimage leaders from the Ananda College Pilgrimages, are acting as the pilgrimage hosts and guest coordinators only.  The Ananda College of Living Wisdom is not responsible for providers, such as airlines, any guest accommodations, and other regional tour guides, etc.  I understand that staff of the Ananda College Pilgrimages and the Ananda College of Living Wisdom are not responsible for obtaining travel insurance for any of the Ananda College Pilgrimages, and for working with my travel insurance company as regards any medical services and medications, loss of property, change in flights, and other situations, which my insurance covers.

Travel Insurance

I understand and agree that I will insure all details of my Ananda College Pilgrimage travel plans through a professional travel insurance company no later than is required for the pilgrimage I am going on. (For Greece & Crete 2023 that date is November 5, 2022; and for Egypt, that date is May 20, 2023.)  I understand that if the trip is canceled, or my luggage and other valuables are lost, flights canceled, or medical treatment required I will be using my travel insurance to cover all costs.  I will add to my Ananda College Pilgrimage reservation the travel company name, website, URL, phone number, and the name on the policy.

Our healthy way to enter Greece & Crete and Egypt from the United States

On May 14, 2021, Greece opened its borders in a safe and attainable manner. Requirements for traveling internationally are changing with some regularity. We will keep you informed as we approach the date of this trip of the then-current requirements. For now, these are the circumstances: Prior to departure, all travelers must ensure that they carry an acceptable form of certification of their health condition.

More information on Greece/Crete travel at https://travel.gov.gr/#/

Since June 17, 2022, The Egyptian government has opened Egypt to all tourists, and no longer require proof of vaccination from Covid-19.  The largest industry in Egypt is tourism, due to the incredible pyramids and temples that exist here.  The Egyptian government has always been very protective of tourists, and requires vaccination of its citizens. This is the second tour of Egypt that Ananda College Pilgrimages has taken, and we find Egypt to be a wonderful place to visit.  Our tour operator provides our guests with an Egyptian Visa as part of your tour cost.  This visa is good for 30 days.  For more information, visit: https://www.egyptianevisa.com/articles/travel-restrictions