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the yugas

Introduction to the Yuga Cycles of Time

Byasa takes us on an amazing, mind-expanding investigation of the hidden cycles underlying the rise and fall of the world’s great civilizations. Despite world crisis and global shifts happening now, Steinmetz explains how the 24,000 year period known as the Vedic “Yuga Cycles of Time” hold the keys to our past, present, and future conditions. […]

creative writing

Creative Writing for Higher Consciousness – Winter 2021

This 10-week online course covers the basics of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, and essay, as well as exploring ways to open to creativity, intuition, and inspiration. The program will help you develop a creative writing portfolio across several genres while deepening your intention to work from higher consciousness.

the yugas

A Deeper Study of the Yuga Cycles of Time – Winter 2021

Learn the deeper knowledge of the Vedic Yuga Cycles of Time. A rare opportunity to spend time with this beloved teacher, author, and world history pioneer. Byasa has spent over 50 years researching these Vedic Cycles. This course is for those who have already taken his “Introduction to the Yuga Cycles of Time” and want […]