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Travel to Ancient Egypt Through the Yuga Cycles of Time & Ultimate Luxury Dahabiya Nile Cruise

“To create our future we do have to understand our past to work on it in the present”

November 11-23, 2025

Early Bird Special Expires November 25, 2024

This unique tour is limited to 18-20 people and is taking reservations now.

12 days, 11 nights

Join us for 12 inspiring days traveling through Ancient Egypt in an entirely new way.  Together we’ll use the Yuga Cycles of Time to explore Egyptian mythology and ancient civilizations while encountering thousands of years of spiritual practice.  We’ll explore the Great Pyramids and stunning Egyptian temples that are unlike any on this planet—a landscape that offers tangible clues and insights into where we have come from and where we may be going as humans evolve.  Your tour will include complimentary “Prelude to Egypt” online classes held in the weeks before we embark on our journey.  Included in the 12-day journey is a 4-night, 5-day ultimate luxury cruise down the Nile River on a quiet Egyptian sailing Dahabiya which will be used just for those in our group.  We’ll stop along the way at lovely small islands, then tour temples we’ll learn about before we travel to Egypt.  

3 nights Cairo, 4 nights Luxor, 1 night Aswan

5 day, 4 nights ultimate luxury Dahabiya Cruise on Nile (similar to the below video)

Your tour leaders: Nayaswami’s Nischala and Nakula of Ananda Village
Main pre-tour instructor: Byasa Steinmetz

Plan to be in Cairo no later than November 11, 2025. Our tour begins early in the morning on November 12th.st. You might want to arrive a few days early before the tour starts. Once you’ve made your trip deposit, if you’d like a room in the hotel we’ll be staying in before our tour begins, please let us know admissions@anandacollege.org.



Our tour of Ancient Egypt begins in the modern city of Cairo. It is known for containing the famous Giza Pyramids Complex that holds one of the Seven Wonders of the World—the Great Pyramid—and the world’s oldest and biggest statue—The Great Sphinx.

New Egyptian Museum

On our first day, we’ll visit the New Egyptian Museum in Cairo, for an in-depth look at the world’s most intriguing ancient civilization.


Our tour of the Giza plateau begins with entry into the Great Pyramid, where you will have an opportunity to go upstairs into the King’s Chamber of the Pyramid.

Great Sphinx


We’ll visit the Great Sphinx, reported to be many thousands of years older than current Egyptologist accounts.  We’ll learn about this in our complimentary Prelude to Egypt course, which brings to your attention many fascinating facts and myths about this iconic statue.

Camels at Giza

man on a camel

Camels at Giza are lovingly cared for by Egyptian families who have been doing so for many generations, as this guest on our 2023 tour discovered.



After Cairo we fly south to Luxor and begin our mystical temple tour. Here, the incredible Temple of Luxor with its “Temple of Man” design is indicative of the astral chakra system, with each part of the temple referring to various healing energies.  Many scholars and researchers including Schwaller de Lubicz and John Anthony West, say this temple was a healing center for initiates from the higher ages.

Karnak Temple

After a relaxing Egyptian lunch, we tour the Karnak Temple, an open-air museum considered to be the largest building or site in the world.  The Avenue of the Sphinxes here is nearly two miles long and connects Karnak with the Luxor Temple.  Hidden in a remote area of the temple is the Ptah Temple precinct that pays homage to the goddess Hathor, and Ptah’s consort Sekhmet, the lioness goddess of war, disease, and the eye of Ra. Give the guard a nice tip and he will open this hidden holy area for your enjoyment.

Luxury Hotel in Luxor

hotel room

Our luxury hotel in Luxor for the next 4 nights is right on the Nile River.  You’ll have one free day in Luxor when you can take a massage or spa treatment, relax, shop, re-visit one of the temples here, or visit the Luxor museum.


Next tour by A/C bus north of Luxor to the temple at Abydos. Abydos is considered the most holy city of Ancient Egypt. It is also one of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt.  The sacred city of Abydos was the site of many ancient temples, and a royal necropolis where early Pharaohs were entombed.


From Abydos, we visit Dendera, one of the most mystical healing temples in all of Egypt.  Temple of Hathor, with her face gracing the top of the columns. Hathor was both popular and powerful. She was goddess of many things: love, beauty, music, dancing, fertility, and healing. This is the site of the famous Dendera zodiac that confirms the cycles of time the Ancient Egyptians used.

Dendera Temple of Hathor

Dendera Temple

Examining the fascinating zodiac ceilings at the Dendera Temple of Hathor.

Our 2023 Group


Our 2023 group at the Temple of Pharoah Queen Hapshepsut in the Valley of the Kings and Queens in Luxor.  In Luxor, you’ll also have the opportunity to take magnificent hot air balloon ride before sunrise over the Valley of the Queens and Kings.

Sail Down the Nile


In Luxor, we’ll board our ultimate luxury Egyptian sailing Dahabiya and sail down the Nile River for five days and four nights.   We’ll visit the temples of Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo and Philae.

On the Nile

seating on boat

As we sail down the Nile, we’ll see sights from daily Egyptian life, visit small islands, and hear sounds such as the Muslim call to prayers.  Muslims pray five times a day, with their prayers being known as Fajr (dawn), Dhuhr (after midday), Asr (afternoon), Maghrib (after sunset), and Isha (nighttime), always facing towards Mecca.


upper deck on boat

The upper deck of our private Dahabiya is ideally suited for meditation, yoga, chanting and prayers for our group.

Dinner on the Nile

dining table

Candlelight dinners in November on our private Dahabiya sailing the Nile.

Your Room

room on boat

Your dahabiya room can include two twin beds or a queen/king bed, a private full bathroom, air conditioning, and more.

Kom Ombo


One of our temple visits along the Nile.  A Full moon graced our night visit to Kom Ombo Temple on the Nile during our 2023 visit.

Kom Ombo Temple

Crocodile Temple

Known as the crocodile temple to the god Sobek, the Kom Ombo temple includes many hieroglyphs related to healing, including this glyph of the falcon God Horus (right) and Ibis-headed God Thoth (left) blessing an initiate with what could be holy water or holy energy.

5 Days and 4 Nights

luxury cruise

Your ultimate luxury Dahabiya tour includes full board for 5 days and 4 nights. Lunch and dinner can include vegetarian soup, various Egyptian appetizers Egyptian bread and salads, two choices for the main course and always desserts and tea, plus fresh exotic juice “mocktails”.  Breakfasts may include fruit plates, cheeses, olives, cucumbers, omeletes, fresh crepes, cereals, yogurts, breads and pastries.  Egyptian cooking is very vegetarian friendly. We will have our own private cook, a staff member and captain, plus our Sufi guide, hand-picked from our recent tour.


boat on nile

In Aswan, the “pearl of the Nile”, we’ll disembark our Dahabiya and visit the famed temple of Isis at Philae.  We’ll also take a river cruise to visit Elephantine Island and a colorful Nubian Village.  In Aswan we’ll spend the night at an island hotel before flying from Aswan to Cairo the next day.  We’ll have a goodbye dinner at our hotel in Cairo.


friends traveling

“Satsang”, or sacred spiritual gathering, is one of the main benefits of this tour we’ll take together.  We create our own “satsang” or “sangha” with like-minded souls traveling together for sheer upliftment, adventure, fun and inquiry.  You’ll meet an intergenerational group of souls from around the world.  We pray our time together will be a meaningful lifetime experience.


$7,400* Per Person

Based on double occupancy.  We encourage you to invite a roommate to share this uplifting experience.  The single supplement for a room by yourself is $3,500, when paid before November 25, 2024.

Double occupancy per person
$7,400 USD per person
 (when paid in full by November 25, 2024)
$8,400 USD per person (after November 25, 2024)

Single occupancy supplement
$3,500 USD per person
(when paid in full by November 25, 2024)
$4,500 USD per person (after November 25, 2024)

A $1,000 deposit reserves your place.

International Flights Not Included


  • all accommodations at 5-star hotels or luxury hotels
  • transportation during the journey, entrance to all holy and ancient sites and museums including the Egyptian Museum
  • A special “ultimate luxury” 4-night, 5-day cruise on our private quiet Egyptian Dahabiya sailing vessel from Luxor to Aswan, with our own cook, captain, staff and guide.  
  • 11 buffet breakfasts, 5 dinners, 5 lunches enjoyed together buffet style or at lovely restaurants
  • RT Transportation from Cairo Airport to our hotel, and back again.
  • Cost for Egypt Visa is provided and will be handled by our tour operator upon your arrival at Cairo airport.  It is good for 30 days. Please advise us if you are holding a foreign passport and will be joining our group in Cairo. 
  • Airfare from Cairo to Luxor, and Aswan to Cairo. 
  • Online classes on Yuga Cycles & Ancient Egypt with Byasa Steinmetz, and other college instructors before trip departs
  • Guides for Cairo, Giza Plateau tour, Abydos & Dendera, Luxor & Karnak Temple, Nile temples, Valley of the Queens & Kings

Cost does not include:

  • your international flights to/from Cairo, Egypt
  • any extra nights at hotels before or after trip
  • travel insurance that we require proof of
  • any personal expenses, laundry costs
  • any medical expenses
  • Meals other than the above. We do not cover drinks at meals we provide, or lunches we do not provide.
  • NOTE: Tipping in Egypt is expected. It is called Baksheesh and is a common custom expected because tipping demonstrates an expression of satisfaction and gratitude to people who provide some service. In Egypt especially, tipping is an important. For those who aren’t used to it, constant requests for tips can be annoying, but it’s essential to stay calm and understand that it’s part of everyday life in Egypt.  
  • We suggest you plan your budget to include tips for all those who provide services during your trip—from guides to drivers, waiters, maids, etc.

Requirements for traveling to Egypt

You should be reasonably fit, able to walk up stairs and walk throughout the day.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is compulsory for all our travelers and should be taken out at the time of booking. Your travel insurance must provide cover against personal accident, death, medical expenses and emergency repatriation with a recommended minimum coverage of US $200,000 for each of the categories of cover. We also strongly recommend it covers cancellation, curtailment, personal liability and loss of luggage and personal effects. You must provide proof of your travel insurance a couple weeks ahead of departure; you will not be able to join the trip without it. Here are a couple options:

Travel Documents

You must hold a valid National Travel passport with an expiration date at least six months after the end of your stay. Egypt requires a Visa, which is covered in the cost of your tour, and which our Egyptian tour operator provides for you upon arrival at Cairo airport.

Traveling Safe to Egypt

Since June 17, 2022, The Egyptian government has opened Egypt to all tourists, and no longer require proof of vaccination from Covid-19.  The largest industry in Egypt is tourism, due to the incredible pyramids and temples that exist here.  The Egyptian government has always been very protective of tourists, and requires vaccination of its citizens. This is the second tour of Egypt that Ananda College Sacred Travel has taken, and we find Egypt to be a wonderful place to visit.  Our tour operator provides our guests with an Egyptian Visa as part of your tour cost.  This visa is good for 30 days.  For more information, visit: https://www.egyptianevisa.com/articles/travel-restrictions

Your Hosts

Nayaswami’s Nischala and Nakula Cryer have been leading tours for Ananda College of Living Wisdom for nearly 20 years.  They have led tours to Northern India, Southern India, Egypt, Greece, Peru, Italy, France, and England.  They are the co-founders of the Ananda College of Living Wisdom.  For 18 years they lived at the Ananda Meditation Retreat in Northern California where they managed the retreat and the college, and where they raised their son.  Nakula is a builder of sacred temples, creating the Temple of Light and Moksha Mandir at Ananda Village, as well as other sacred buildings.  Nischala is also an author of two books, Reflections on Living 30 Years in a Spiritual Community, and the Amazon best-selling, The Four Stages of Yoga. 


We are available to Skype or Zoom with you for questions you may have.

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