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Here’s Your Onetime Christmas Voucher!

From now until January 5, 2023, receive 50% off these two courses, or two of you can take each course for the price of one:

Communications for Higher Consciousness

hands in clouds

Tuesdays, Jan. 17th to Mar 28th, 2023
4.00-5.30 pm, PST

Regular Price: $550.
Christmas Voucher Price:  $225

For Job or Relationships, learn how to:

  • Bring authentic honesty into your relationships in a way that also increases connection
  • Stand up for your needs with gentle firmness and grace
  • Discover how to easily resolve conflicts and meet in understanding 
  • Clearly hear the essence of what others say, regardless of how they express it
  • Transform relationships using the power of empathy

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A Deeper Look at the Yuga Cycles of Time

the yuga cycles

Thursday, Feb. 2nd to Apr. 20th, 2023
4:00-5:30 pm, PST

Regular Price: $550.
Christmas Voucher Price: $225

Not in our time zone? All classes are recorded for your review.

“An amazing, mind-expanding investigation of the hidden cycles underlying the rise and fall of the world’s great civilizations.” —H.B., Boston

“I’m learning so much from this course—plus it’s filling in the blanks for world history!”     —T.B., California

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