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Library Salon Series

Neferete Rasheed
Dr. Neferete Rasheed

The Library Salon Series was designed as a forum for library members and others interested in exploring topics related to Consciousness and Spirituality.

The Library Salon Series is another way we have chosen to use the Library as a resource for the local spiritual community and our guests.

The Series gives us a chance to explore an array of stimulating topics that resonate with the path of Self Realization and help to keep our personal explorations of consciousness ‘ever-new,’ uplifted, and expansive. In the past, we’ve hosted a variety of short two-hour programs and lectures, including topics related to Vedic Astrology, Vastu, Mantras, Flower Essences, Healing Arts, Yoga Philosophy, Saints and Sages, Yogic Living and more.

Contact Dr. Nefretete Rasheed If you’d like to suggest a topic or speaker for a future series:


Vastu Expert Niranjan Babu Speaks at Library

Recently, Niranjan Babu, a renowned international consultant in the Vedic Sciences of Vastu and Astrology spoke at the Library Salon.  Babu is from Bangalore, India and was traveling to the US for a conference at Sivananda Yoga Ashram. He spent two days at Ananda Village, visiting the yoga community and giving consultations.  He is widely respected for his scholarship, practical knowledge and keen, accurate insights.  Niranjan Babu is the 15th in lineage from a dynasty of scholars in Astrology, Mantra Sastra, Yagnas and related fields.  During his Salon presentation he spoke about Vastu, the art of “space” in our everyday lives.  For instance, how we arrange our homes and furniture can affect our energy and psyche.  What is the best direction to face when conducting business?  What are Vedic Mantras and Mudras and how do they affect our consciousness?  During his visit with Ananda College Babu also offered healing consultations in both Vastu and Jyotish Astrology.  He is author of several bestselling books on Vastu.  His website is


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