Quantum Physics, Yogic Healing & Consciousness

Some refer to him as a modern-day Einstein. In Brazil, he’s viewed as a celebrity. He had a starring role in the popular documentary, What the Bleep Do We Know?  He travels constantly, talking with audiences throughout the world.  He’s one of the world’s most fascinating quantum theoretical physicists.

His name is Dr. Amit Goswami, and he is author of many books like The Self-Aware Universe, and Physics of the Soul. He is professor emeritus of the University of Oregon’s Quantum Theoretical Physics Department.

Ten years ago, Ananda College invited Dr. Goswami to visit our small and fledging college, at that time located at the remote Ananda Meditation Retreat, in the hills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains outside of Nevada City, California.  A bit apprehensive at the thought of hosting such a knowledgeable scientist, I questioned the nearly three-mile dirt road he would need to traverse before arriving at our remote location.  Potholes the size of small vehicles were not unusual.  We were off-the grid, the nearest electrical line two miles away.  Internet connection was via the retreat’s tallest pine tree—transmitting to a lower ridge several miles to the west.

As he stepped out of the vehicle and walked around our small retreat I held my breath.  His arms and hands were positioned like a small child in a very open and curious fashion that hid the strength of his mind and consciousness.  Our small college campus had no brick or mortar buildings.  There were no co-eds lounging on neatly-mown lawns.  All that existed were tall trees and shorter oaks, a beautiful garden with forest pathways and a few buildings, temples and cottages scattered throughout.  We all watched him for several minutes.  Finally, this most interesting quantum theoretical physicist spoke, turning around a few times as if he was feeling something in the ether. “Wow, the energy here is amazing,” he said.

More recently, in the fall of 2017, Ananda College once again hosted this unique guest to record a Master’s certificate course in Higher Consciousness.  This is not a course like one might receive from an accredited college.  After many years of trying to appease the dated requirements of formal college accreditation, we needed to go on alone.  There are no governmental accreditation organizations that truly honor consciousness and the types of new discoveries and research we were exploring.

We’re currently working to offer this course online in 2018 or 2019, along with courses in Yogic Healing, Art & Consciousness. Stay tuned!

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