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Sound Healing of the Rishis & CPAK

In 1991, our son was born with a rare heart condition that would be lethal without medical intervention.  

I still remember the French nurse whispering in an accent full of panic, “please, call the doctor, call the doctor, the heart, the heart”. 

Hours after his birth, we were on our way to a pediatric heart specialist, who performed a number of tests, then sadly called us into his office to hear his diagnosis.  

As students of Yogananda, my husband and I were well aware of the miracles and healings throughout his Autobiography of a Yogi.  Our teacher, his direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda, was always introducing our community to new ways of healing.

saraswati playing the veena

Subtle healing using sound vibration

Back then, Kriyananda knew a healer who used a very expensive and sensitive instrument that emitted various sound frequencies, most we couldn’t hear.  We had nothing to lose, so we rented this machine for the year before our son’s open-heart surgery, and set it near his bassinet. 

When it was time for our son’s surgery, our community held an 8-hour prayer vigil using Yogananda’s healing techniques—including meditation, focused prayer and repeating the Aum mantra over and over, while visualizing the patient filled with light and healing. 

Afterwards, our medical team said they’d never seen a baby look so good, or respond so well to the complicated surgery.  Was it the sound machine, the healing vigil or a combination of modalities that helped him heal?

Today, he is healthy, happy and positive, even after several surgeries.  Over the years, we did employ the use of mantras, and even played them throughout the household.

When using mantras for healing, the family or caregivers also benefit from hearing the sounds. 

The most powerful force in the universe

One of the things that Yogananda professed was sound healing, which he called “the most powerful force in the universe.” Music penetrates more deeply into our consciousness, and into the brain and nervous system, than do paintings and other visual images. We have limited control over music’s effects once it enters our neural network.

The Great Rishis of India knew about sound healing thousands of years ago, and passed this knowledge down through the Vedas. 

According to the Autobiography of a Yogi, “because nature is an objectification of Aum, the primal sound or Vibratory Word, man can obtain control over all natural manifestations through the use of certain mantras or chants.”

Yogananda tells the story of a 16th century court musician named Miyan Tan Sen.  When commanded by the Emperor to sing a “night raga” during the day, Tan Sen intoned a mantra which actually turned the entire palace into darkness.

The Healing Power of the Rishis

The Indian music known by the Rishis was both scientific and artistic. Their musical notes related to the chakras, the yogic power centers contained within our subtle astral spine.

These sounds were associated in a deep and fascinating way with a particular color and the natural cry of a bird or beast. For instance, one note, Fa, was associated with a yellowish white color, and the sound of the heron, and Si, with a combination of all colors, and the elephant.


Mantras can aid in healing, and by some accounts have provided powerful results.

A man who struggled with a degenerative neurological condition for 20 years, asked a well-known Vedic Astrologer from India which mantra would help him heal his disease. 

As many Indian mystics might suggest, the astrologer gave instructions to use the famous Mahamritunjaya Mantra, which has been passed down through oral tradition from the Rig Veda, nearly 4,000 years ago, which would have been Descending Dwapara Yuga. 

After three years of chanting or listening to this mantra for 30 minutes at night before going to bed, and again in the morning after awakening, the man saw results.  His energy and positivity greatly improved.  Though he has problems walking, he continues listening to this mantra, and his attitude has become very positive and inspiring to others.  

The Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is chanted as part of the Vedic fire ceremony for freedom from all bondage. This is a mantra of power. Mahamrityunjaya is chanted for healing of body, mind, and spirit, to ward off death, disease, and danger of all kinds. It protects and releases one from negativity. The energy released radiates peace and healing throughout the world.

CPAK talk by Boris Fritz

Several years ago, a group of us from Ananda College collaborated with Boris Fritz, a long-time member of the Self-Realization Fellowship in Southern California.  We were working together to understand some of the subtleties professed by Swami Sri Yukteswar in this book, The Holy Science.  

Boris is an engineer, historian, and educator who spoke at the CPAK conference this last October.  We thought you might enjoy watching his talk here:

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  1. Thank you thank you. i feel so connected to you all. And i miss the ananda vibration much. Thank you for sharing everything you did. Jai Guru !.

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