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An Educational & Spiritual Vacation Fall 2022

Heal Yourself & Others

Sept. 11-23, 2022

Awaken, attune to higher consciousness at our 13-day retreat in one of the most healing environments on the planet—Ananda Village—a spiritual intentional community in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern California.  For 50 years, people of all ages have been coming here to dive deep into the healing vibrations that exist here.  

“The most healing retreat I’ve ever experienced.”   

B.V., Kentucky 

You’ll learn:

  • The Spiritual Anatomy of Subtle Healing
  • Yogananda’s Techniques for Healing at a Distance
  • Meditation and Yoga techniques for Deeper Healing
  • Polarity & Energy Medicine Hands-On Healing
  • Finding Your Dharma & Purpose in Life
  • Unique Equine Therapy for Transforming Your Life
  • How The Yuga Cycles of Time Explains the Keys to Your Past, Present and Enlightened Future
  • Myths & Storytelling to Awaken Soul Healing

You’ll Enjoy:

  • Three healthy vegetarian meals per day
  • Twice daily optional yoga and meditation
  • Beautiful walking trails, gardens and temples 
  • Peaceful accommodations Inn-style, or in cabins
  • Daily classes in the morning and afternoon
  • Special evening programs for all guests
  • Opportunities to meet like-minded friends
  • A truly transformative learning experience

You’ll Stay:

More Information

Introduction to Finding Your Dharma

This fascinating course, led by Rebecca Davis, PhD, and Jenny Kellogg, PhD, offers participants a chance to find their true calling for the stage of life they are now in.  Using a variety of modalities, from positive psychology to astrology, creative writing to equine therapy, participants will get a start on the 12-week deeper exploration that begins the week after this intensive.

Introduction to The Spiritual Anatomy of Healing

Led by Kathleen Benson, Ananda College instructor. This is the introduction to the 12-week course beginning Friday, September 30, 2022.  Most humans are intimately connected to the outer world of living and are unaware of the art and science of one’s spiritual anatomy.  Drawing on the Science of Self-Realization, Quantum Physics and Quantum Healing, Energy and Healing, you’ll receive an introduction to the 12-week class, plus have special “hands-on” classes to help familiarize yourself with healing energy.

Introduction to Meditation and the Path to Kriya Yoga

This introductory course is an important component to the 10-week online course you’ll be taking. You’ll learn or review the basics of meditation, energization exercises, and pre-requisites you’ll need for Kriya Yoga initiation. There will be twice daily sessions while you are in this intensive. Instructors include Tyagi Dhyan, Brahmacharya Sagar and others.

Introduction to The Yuga Cycles of Time

Includes a special emphasis on the road ahead for our planet and society. Using cross-references of past civilizations in the descending yugas, instructor David (Byasa) Steinmetz, co-author of The Yugas, Keys to Understanding Our Hidden Past, Emerging Present and Future Enlightenment, takes us on a mind-expanding, new exploration of some of the most important challenges facing our world today.  This class is a precursor for further study in The Yuga Cycles of Time.

Special “Herd Spirit” Equine Experience

Designed just for Ananda College. Led by Gita Matlock, who grew up riding horses and living in spiritual community at Ananda Village. After college she worked for many years for non-profit groups that helped underserved people throughout the world.  A meditator and yoga practitioner for most of her life, she and others have developed a unique equine program that helps you uncover those blocks within yourself that keep you from becoming the best you can be.  Gita works with you and her horses right here at Ananda Village (you will never ride the horses, you will only be with them in a gentle, transformative way). Says Gita, “if we are to meet, to work together, I will show you the light I see in you. My herd and I will invite you to shine brighter, to live more free, to stand in your center of strength. Ours is a path of love, truth, and power.”

Introduction to Comparative Mythology of Greece, Egypt and India

with Jenny Kellogg, PhD. A companion course to “The Yuga Cycles of Time”, this course prepares participants to understand more deeply the relevance of the myths that permeate these three powerful civilizations. This introduction will also include an overview of our spiritual travel program in April/May to Greece and Crete.

Introduction to Energy Medicine, Hands-On

Taught by one of the world’s foremost experts in Polarity Therapy, Bruce Burger, author of Esoteric Anatomy, The Body as Consciousness.  This special three-day healing intensive will be held all-day, for three days in a row.  You’ll learn the body’s esoteric anatomy, how to channel healing energy, Vedic mantras, innate inner knowledge, and how to awaken higher consciousness that allows you to begin to heal yourself and others.

Spiritual Living and Service to Others

This is a component that participants will take during specific times during the 2-week intensive.  We’ll join the Ananda Spiritual Community in some service projects at both the Expanding Light Retreat and within the community.  You’ll get an introduction to living in a spiritual community, that will be a precursor to the May Intensive.

Online Courses